Materials and colors
Eco-leather (Russia)

If you need to make your home cozier, your restaurant more appealing and your office more productive, PA-16 chair  by "Metta" is  exactly for you. Our company specifies in production of  chairs with extra strong structural steel frame. Structural frame has a 10-year warrany. Special frame manufacturing and fastening system sets PA-16 appart from the analogues in the market. "Metallic" coating of the chair will revive either your living room or office. Two contrast colours of upholstery and wooden armrests*  allow to find a perfect solution for almost every room interior and all design wishes. Chair upholstery made of enviromentally-friendly perforated eco-leather having soft material as a base, provides easy operation comfort similar to expensive ergonomic chair. Special  backrest and seat frame fastening system increases the chair's service life.


Guarantee 1 year
Number of products in a package 1 qty
Maximum load 120 kg
Frame material Frosted Chrome
Seat material Perforated Leather NewLeather
Backrest material Perforated Leather NewLeather
Packing material 5 layer corrugated cardboard
Swing mechanism No
Headrest No
Armrests Wood