Table B2 mini

Frame color
Pattern of the tabletop

Kitchen table B2 mini with the designer's pattern on the tabletop made of the heat-strengthened glass and steel doubled legs will become an excellent purchase for the whole family.

Despite its apparent fragility, the heat-strengthened glass, or stalinite, of which the tabletop is made, can stand the load of 100 kg and slight temperature differentials. Even you manage to break it, it will fall into small pieces, which can do no harm to the human health. Its indisputable advantage is its appearance provided to your kitchen table by the heat-strengthened glass. Together with  the excellent pattern and elegant curve of the steel chrome-coated  legs it brings the wonderful design, which will be a decoration to any kitchen.

Engineers of our company did not forget about reliability. The table frame is represented by the solid steel tubes made on the best metallurgical plants of the Ural region, and aimed at structural strength.

Buy the kitchen table B2 mini in Metta company at factory price and impress your relatives, friends, colleagues and clients.