Table B2

Frame color
Pattern of the tabletop

Table model B2 with the elegant design and creative pattern of the tabletop will be a great chose for those who want to buy a durable table. Strength and stiffness of the product are provided by the double fastening of the legs and the heat strengthened glass of the tabletop. All legs of the table are fastened both to the tabletop and to the table support. Depending on the chosen package contents, they can be coated with a mirror chrome or an extra strong "metallic" polymeric material.

Recommended maximal allowable load on the table is 100 kg. Tabletop made of the heat-strengthened table is safe: even if you manage to break it, it will fall into small pieces, which will do no harm to the human health

Stalinite (another name of the heat-strengthened glass) is also resistant to temperature exposure - no cracks caused by the temperature differentials will appear. Table B2 is the beautiful, high-quality and durable glass table, which you can buy in the Metta on-line shop at factory price, without extra charges.